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David J. Shanfeld

I began learning the craft of hot glassblowing in 1989 at the Columbus College of Art and Design where my primary focus was, and still is, sculpture. After graduating in 1991, I had no expectations of working with glass again. However, in 1994, I wandered into Tesuque Glassworks where I was offered the opportunity to continue learning the techniques of glass working.

Glass is unlike any other medium. When molten it has an entrancing almost "magical" quality. Yet the reality of glass, the physics, chemistry and working techniques are, for me, far more fascinating. Although the process is physically demanding, I also find it oddly meditative. It focuses my mind and provokes new ideas, often having nothing to do with glass. When I work with hot glass it is with a well-deserved respect for the material and process. It is a dance, a collaboration involving fire, gravity and time, coaxing this seductive material to evoke what is already in it's nature.
David's work